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THE TE CLIFF--- Gronk, Graham, Witt, Hern, Gonzo 


Fantasy footballers it’s me again, THE FANTASY TYPHOON here to bring you some off season league dominating information. This time we will take a look at the cliff or should I say drop off at the TE position.

You have to agree that after Gonzo comes off of the board your choice at TE becomes a roulette wheel. You might as well put your whole season on the gambling table and then bet on black, lol. Good thing is I don’t go on record with mere hunches and gut picks and what ifs. YOU CAN’T DOMINATE YOUR LEAGUE WITH FALSE INFORMATION. It won’t work, “It never has, and it never will”. I’m cut from a different cloth. I examine the coaches, the scheme, and the talent before I go on record. Now with that being established, let’s take a closer look.

You use to be able to ignore the TE spot because all were created equal. You can’t use that mindset any longer. The Fab Five above will create massive points from the position that you will be an underdog when facing those owners on game day. We have to find other TE options in the latter rounds if we want to be competitive. Brandon Myers owners made the right call last year. He stepped up and put up comparable stats. Who is it this year?

We know that Kyle Rudolph and Rob Housler have all the talent, Antonio Gates and Owens Daniels have the scoring history, Heath Miler and Fred Davis have the injury, Brandon Myers and Martellus Bennett have the new team schemes, and Vernon Davis and Jared Cook have the speed. It would be easy if we could roll all of the above up into one TE. Unfortunately we can’t so what do you do to find the best TE for your roster spot if you miss one of the fab five. Everyone else is saying this and that and pushing this TE over this one but you can’t make a wise decision until you get more information. I’m not afraid to say, “I don’t know. YOU HAVE TO WAIT!

Let’s CHOP IT UP. (In no particular order)

k       Kyle Rudolph – 53/493/9 – Those numbers are disgusting for Rudolph. This kid has big time talent. I mean BIG BIG BIG time talent. When watching him on Sundays you sit there and say “What is the problem”. “Why isn’t he being a BEAST” Then Percy Harvin goes down for the year and you just know that Rudolph is about to go bananas, but NO. Is it Ponder, Frazier, or both holding him back because after viewing the Pro Bowl it sure isn’t Rudolph. If they use this guy right he will immediately jump into the Gronk, Graham convo overnight. Training camp preseason question - Will he ever be a staple in this offense and is Ponder getting better?

·         Vernon Davis - 41/548/5 – Once again unacceptable numbers for this talent. Maybe it was Delanie Walker in the way. Well now he’s gone. Maybe Davis and Collin Kap had a misunderstanding during the season? The read option uses the TE so what’s the problem here. In the super bowl he went for 6/104 so is it fixed now? Training camp preseason question – Is it fixed and do they bring in another TE?

·         Antonio Gates – 49/538/7 - This guy is a monster. He’s been plagued with foot problems the last couple of years. He was a full go all last season and still didn’t produce up to his standards. What’s the problem? Training camp preseason question - Is it Rivers, the O Line, or is he just getting too old. Also what are the new coach’s scheme and game plan for Gates?

·         Jared Cook – 44/523/4 - It seems like this guy has just been an underachiever his whole career. He has the speed to roll with the big boys but for some reason it never clicks. The buzz comes out and he never gets it done. Jeff Fisher is coming back for round 2 with Cook to set him straight. Training camp preseason question – Was Tennessee the problem or is Cook a little lazy?

·         Brandon Myers – 79/806/4 - The new signing of Myers with New York Football Giants appears to be a nice landing spot for him. Coughlin system uses the TE efficiently and in the red zone so he could be viable. NY usually use a more athletic TE than Myers who is an established blocker as well. The jury is out with this set up. Training camp preseason question – Does Eli jell with him and check to see how his camp is going. Also does he come off of the field in any sets?

·         Rob Housler – 45/417/0 -  With Bruce Arians in town get ready to burn baby burn. Arians is known for using his TE’s frequently. Don’t sleep folks this guy has #1 TE talent. Just because you never heard of a TE being productive in Arizona don’t block him out of your sights. While Fitz is being doubled Housler could surprise and he could be a sleeper this year. Training camp preseason question – Do the coaches cut him loose over the middle and does his new QB find a groove with him

·         Mercedes Lewis – 52/540/4 - We know this guy is a red zone threat. We know he can get off blocks and get open. It’s not a mystery as why he’s being held down. The QB. Also a good thing for him is that the coaching staff realizes they underused him and have promised to fix it. They say he stayed in to block too much. That’s some good news.  Training camp preseason question – Do they get another QB if not check to see how much he blocks to see if the coaching staff is making good on their promise?

I will stop here and just give you the low down on the first eight TE prospects, I will return next week with the other eight (or more). CLICK HERE FOR PART II As you can see once you get answers to some of the questions I have mentioned then you can get a better grasp as to who will rise to the top. DYNASTY- Be patient before you make a TE power move unless it’s one of the TE’s in the heading. You could already have the right one. Next week we will examine, Fred Davis, Scott Chandler, Dennis Pita, Heath Miller, Greg Olson, Dustin Keller, Martellus Bennett, and Kelen Davis. My motto: Don’t just win, DOMINATE!

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Hello fantasy footballers it’s me again “THE FANTASY TYPHOON” here to bring you another installment of the “STRATEGY SESSION” In this episode we will discuss and learn the different offensive schemes throughout the NFL. Now the reason why the strategy session was conceived is because this is the template that NFL owners and coaches use to dominate over other teams on Sunday. Your team should closely mirror the real NFL team situations and their front office views. Once mastered you can do this with consistency without weekly rankings and guesswork.  

Strategy Session helps us to spot and learn each individual teams personnel requirements so that when they are not being met at a NFL level we know what changes are coming. Then we can be proactive in accepting or denying trades proposals in our fantasy leagues. Knowing what they are trying to accomplish on the field on Sunday gives you a fantasy advantage on Sunday. When learning each team’s offense you immediately know what to expect from the players, therefore giving yourself a superior edge on draft day and in season wavier pickups and line up formations. It removes guesswork from the equation. For instance here are the offenses currently running the NFL. (I won't know new coaching changes until camp begins)

·         The Modified Spread  MORE CLICK HERE
·         The Traditional Pro or Base
·         The Modified West Coast
·         The Modified West Coast with Zone Blocking Scheme
·         The Modified West Coast with Vertical Scheme
·         The Traditional West Coast
·         The Read Option or Pistol
·         The Ace & “W” Personnel

Let’s dig a little further. Like with the Modified Spread you know that the RB has to be able to catch the ball and get busy in space. This is a requirement. If the lead back can’t do this at a high level then a committee is formed or they are cut and replaced with someone who can. (See Michael Turner for Steven Jackson personnel change. Also Steven Ridley v Shane Vereen or Mark Ingram v Darren Sproles). It’s a between the tackles AND ppr backfield. When you find one player that can do both then you got a stick of dynamite for your ppr settings. (Steven Jackson – Reggie Bush) If Mark Ingram or Shane Vereen ever take over between the tackles and ppr duties IT’S A WRAP.

Now the Traditional Pro or Base is almost the opposite. They are the ground and pound type offense usually with swarming DST’s. This is where you target and roster your RB’s. Like for instance Doug Martin. He rarely comes off of the field. The Buc’s are looking for a muddy, hard-hitting, knock’em out drug out game. To get them off plan is to get a good lead and make them throw. N. Y Jets a couple of years ago, use to work this scheme to perfection. DYNASTY NUGGET - Whoever takes over the backfield for the Jets will put up major points for your fantasy team and is worth an early pick in your drafts. Just make sure it’s not a committee backfield beforehand.

The last one I will explain today is the Modified West Coast with Vertical Scheme. This will be implemented for the first time this year by the Miami Dolphins. They showed us what they were thinking when the acquired all of that firepower in free agency. Make no mistake, Ryan Tannehill is the #1 player on that team. They are going to stretch you out and throw until a lead is obtained then run the clock out with Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas. Joe Philbin is bringing the scheme from Green Bay to Miami. You knew this was coming once he became the head coach. This should not be a mystery to you. When Philbin and co were scouting Tannehill they came to the conclusion that he posses the talents of a Modified West Coast with Vertical Scheme QB. They brought him in first and then built around him. DYNASTY NUGGETS – Ryan Tannehill will be given every opportunity to finish QB 5 and above in the upcoming years so act accordingly. Buy now while you can still buy low. While Mike Wallace, Dustin Keller, Brian Hartline, and Lamar Miller are all coming along for the ride, please understand that it’s Tannehill's car. If Tannehill comes in and lights it up then all will be viable and fantasy worthy but if not then they will disappoint. As go Tannehill then so goes the Dolphins. You’ve been warned.

Fantsy Purposes:

When running smoothly and full blast the "X" in this scheme is a 1,100 +/6+ TD position. It calls for a excellent route runner with short and intermediate pass catching capabilities. The RB is set for 212+ touches and needs to be able to run between the tackles with a burst to break runs to the outside when needed. Not enough backfield passes for ppr. but MUST be EXCELLENT in PASS PROTECTION. The "Z" is set for 850+/4+ TD's and must be fast and go across the middle and catch the long ball. The "W' or slot and the TE should see at least 2-4 targets a game each. My concerns - Will Wallace take the "X" and run the routes while Hartline takes the "Z"? Can Lamar Miller pass protect enough to keep Daniel Thomas on the bench? This is a mystery for now but let's revisit at training camp and answer these questions before you draft.

Coach Phibin Talk About Lamar Miller (VIDEO) 

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 Modified Spread Teams QB’s WR RB’s

The Modified Spread is an offense that is designed to go up and down the field at will. It is designed to jump out to huge leads or overcome any lead. They are not designed to run the ball and burn the clock. It’s designed to be lethal. The weapons on these types of teams are used to full potential. They are throwing early and often. They rarely come out of the game no matter what kind of lead it obtained. These are the weapons you need to target for your fantasy team’s core in dynasty/keeper or redraft. The QB’s and the WR’s and the TE’s and PK's from these teams are gladiators on Sunday. You don't necessarily target the running backs on these teams until later rounds except for ppr settings or flex riders. Once you begin to understand that these QB’s toss the ball all over the yard to the WR1/TE1 you will begin to see why you must have these elite talents as your starters come game day. I'm trying to explain to you why they will be found as Tier #1’s on my tier sheets. SECRET  You see there is no need for ranking these players. If healthy they will finish at or near the top of the pack each and every season. You draft one of these guys and leave them in all year (except bye weeks or injury). They are designed to produce fantasy points. Going into training camp the QB’s and coaches schedule and game plan is to average 4,500+ yards with 30+ TD’s yearly. The coaching staff encourages this in practice day in and day out. They work hard for it. Yep Staff, Brees, Brady and Matty Ice have the green light to go bananas even if they have a surmountable lead. They have no ceiling. Draft’em HINT Brees is the best.

Also target the WR’s 1 in this system because they need no rankings neither. HINT They are 1,300+ yards and 8+ TD’s by design. They will fit the mold of 6'2 +/215+ with speed. Example Justin Hunter 6'4/205. BAM. You don’t need rankings for these guys. Set it and forget it. Yep meet your usual suspects; Megatron, Roddy, Gronk, Graham, and don’t forget newly acquired Amendola. Oh yeah, Dola is about to be a household name. It’s no trick why they finish in the top ten each and every year. They all get the first read from the QB. (Megatron is the best).  

The WR’s/TE’s in this system reap all of the benefits from all of the QB’s efforts. RB’s are in the system because they have to be. Kind of like affirmative action if you will, lol. If you look closely you will see that’s why THEY TRAIN THEM TO BE ABLE TO CATCH THE BALL IN SPACE. SECRET The key to dominating your fantasy leagues is consistency my friend. That’s why you don’t see Vincent Jackson or Andre Johnson mentioned here is because they could land a goose 2 weeks straight and you don’t want that. They are in a Traditional Pro-Style offense and consistency is NOT paramount in that system for the WR it's built for the RB. They train for more of an even game. They feature other positions and prefer a slug it out heavy defensive battle. That's why the Buc's are inquiring the services of Revis and why the Texans are loaded on defense. You don’t want their QB’s/WR’s and TE’s. You want to target their RB’s because there lies the consistency. They are trained to get a lead and then run the ball and the clock out. (I will cover this more in depth in my 2013 Draft Kit "The Art of League Dominance")  

Now you understand why Detroit’s brass went and grabbed Reggie Bush and Atlanta fired Michael Turner and got Steven Jackson. That’s no coincidence IT”S BY DESIGN FOLKS. Their offensive systems are built to run like machines while switching and plugging and scheming the right type of players talents throughout their rosters. RB’s have to be able to catch passes in space and get busy because that is an extension of their run game. These RB’s make excellent ppr backs. Example- Mikel LeShoure better learn how to catch the ball in space or Joique Bell is going take his spot. Furthermore If he doesn't prefect that aspect of his game in off season camps and workouts he will be cut once his rookie contract expires. Then guess what will happen next, another high talented rookie pick of the future will be Reggie Bush's replacement. The brass see the problem and they cant just bench LeShoure and let Bush get all of the carries. Why you ask, because LesShoure was a first round pick and they cant just dispose of him like that because if they do Martin Mahew and co will look incompetent.They will let it play out. All is not lost because he has a lot of time to fix it and be molded into their scheme. The kicker is that he does have a history of weed smoking but hey; you never know. The OC is up in the booth watching all of this and taking notes to bring up in the next team meetings. Trust me Mikel Leshoure's playing time was discussed at length as well as the health of Jahvid Best in the immediate off season.Jahvid Best could easily outlive LeShoure in Detroit if he does not retire. He will be given every opportunity. I know it's crazy but I still carry him on my roster, lol. I just place him on IR during the season and use the spot, lol. 

Schwartz will do exactly what he's taught to do which is to grab the podium and tell you that it will be a time share and blah, blah, blah. Don't buy it people.  Detroit told you LeShoures is the backup once they traded for Reggie Bush. I saw it coming week 10 and traded LeShoure from my dynasty fantasy team right before the trade deadline. I had no clue Bush was coming but I anticipated LeShoures demise. Watching them play on Sunday and knowing that this is a Modified Spread Offense he didn't seem to fit what they were wanting to accomplish. When things like this happens in the NFL it wont take you by surprise because you will not only posses the skills to spot it but  trade in and out of it like you have NFL inside trade secrets. Your fellow managers will have no clue. This is the art of league dominance.

If you wish to continue with the other 28 teams sets, schemes, tendencies, and offensive game plans and coaches schedules and player personnel you can Email me at the address below. All of this and a complete rookie report along with must drafts no matter where they land and more can be found and documented in my 2013 Complete Draft kit. It’s the best on the planet.

Now it’s always good to pull out a calculator and input an algorithm and come to this conclusion but I want you to know why it’s this way. Many people don’t realize that the NFL is organized and repetitive behind the scenes. Some of those 13-10 games are by design. See my friend I don’t want you waking up one morning and saying AWE SNAP, Carson Palmer is going to finish top 5 this season all because you feel it in your gut or a calculator told you. The best Palmers system in Oakland will allow is 8th, and that’s on a banner year. That’s McFadden’s offense. Leauge dominance is watching, understanding what you just saw and then reacting no matter what the coaches or experts tell you. Not vise versa. My motto is "Let a player tell you who he is dont tell him" I told you about Titius Young last year in AUGUST (CLICK HERE)  Please dont misunderstand me as tying to be a know it all because it's just the opposite. I know nothing until the coahes, shemes, and players show me. That's why I say send Palmer to a Modified Spread Offense and then you have the facts and the coaches game plan to back it up.

Here are your 3 (only) Modified Spread Offenses in the NFL as of March 22, 2013. Well what a coincidence look here, it's your top 4 TE's, your 4 top QB's, and 3 top WR's (2 slots in the future sleeper cells and dynasty nuggets). Roddy gets old plug in Julio when Welker walks bring in Dola. Brady gets old, well you get the picture. It's a system. The players below, my gift to you.

NE Patriots

Tom Brady – Rob Gronkowski – Danny Amendola – Aaron Hernandez -Stephen Gotkowski

Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford – Calvin Johnson – Ryan Broyles - Jason hanson

Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan – Roddy White – Julio Jones – Tony Gonzales- Matt Bryant

New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees – Jimmy Graham - Garret Hartley

FYI Kowski, Bryant, Hanson finished top 5 (No coincidence)


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