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Hello fantasy footballers it’s me again “THE FANTASY TYPHOON” here to bring you another installment of the “STRATEGY SESSION” In this episode we will discuss and learn the different offensive schemes throughout the NFL. Now the reason why the strategy session was conceived is because this is the template that NFL owners and coaches use to dominate over other teams on Sunday. Your team should closely mirror the real NFL team situations and their front office views. Once mastered you can do this with consistency without weekly rankings and guesswork.  

Strategy Session helps us to spot and learn each individual teams personnel requirements so that when they are not being met at a NFL level we know what changes are coming. Then we can be proactive in accepting or denying trades proposals in our fantasy leagues. Knowing what they are trying to accomplish on the field on Sunday gives you a fantasy advantage on Sunday. When learning each team’s offense you immediately know what to expect from the players, therefore giving yourself a superior edge on draft day and in season wavier pickups and line up formations. It removes guesswork from the equation. For instance here are the offenses currently running the NFL. (I won't know new coaching changes until camp begins)

·         The Modified Spread  MORE CLICK HERE
·         The Traditional Pro or Base
·         The Modified West Coast
·         The Modified West Coast with Zone Blocking Scheme
·         The Modified West Coast with Vertical Scheme
·         The Traditional West Coast
·         The Read Option or Pistol
·         The Ace & “W” Personnel

Let’s dig a little further. Like with the Modified Spread you know that the RB has to be able to catch the ball and get busy in space. This is a requirement. If the lead back can’t do this at a high level then a committee is formed or they are cut and replaced with someone who can. (See Michael Turner for Steven Jackson personnel change. Also Steven Ridley v Shane Vereen or Mark Ingram v Darren Sproles). It’s a between the tackles AND ppr backfield. When you find one player that can do both then you got a stick of dynamite for your ppr settings. (Steven Jackson – Reggie Bush) If Mark Ingram or Shane Vereen ever take over between the tackles and ppr duties IT’S A WRAP.

Now the Traditional Pro or Base is almost the opposite. They are the ground and pound type offense usually with swarming DST’s. This is where you target and roster your RB’s. Like for instance Doug Martin. He rarely comes off of the field. The Buc’s are looking for a muddy, hard-hitting, knock’em out drug out game. To get them off plan is to get a good lead and make them throw. N. Y Jets a couple of years ago, use to work this scheme to perfection. DYNASTY NUGGET - Whoever takes over the backfield for the Jets will put up major points for your fantasy team and is worth an early pick in your drafts. Just make sure it’s not a committee backfield beforehand.

The last one I will explain today is the Modified West Coast with Vertical Scheme. This will be implemented for the first time this year by the Miami Dolphins. They showed us what they were thinking when the acquired all of that firepower in free agency. Make no mistake, Ryan Tannehill is the #1 player on that team. They are going to stretch you out and throw until a lead is obtained then run the clock out with Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas. Joe Philbin is bringing the scheme from Green Bay to Miami. You knew this was coming once he became the head coach. This should not be a mystery to you. When Philbin and co were scouting Tannehill they came to the conclusion that he posses the talents of a Modified West Coast with Vertical Scheme QB. They brought him in first and then built around him. DYNASTY NUGGETS – Ryan Tannehill will be given every opportunity to finish QB 5 and above in the upcoming years so act accordingly. Buy now while you can still buy low. While Mike Wallace, Dustin Keller, Brian Hartline, and Lamar Miller are all coming along for the ride, please understand that it’s Tannehill's car. If Tannehill comes in and lights it up then all will be viable and fantasy worthy but if not then they will disappoint. As go Tannehill then so goes the Dolphins. You’ve been warned.

Fantsy Purposes:

When running smoothly and full blast the "X" in this scheme is a 1,100 +/6+ TD position. It calls for a excellent route runner with short and intermediate pass catching capabilities. The RB is set for 212+ touches and needs to be able to run between the tackles with a burst to break runs to the outside when needed. Not enough backfield passes for ppr. but MUST be EXCELLENT in PASS PROTECTION. The "Z" is set for 850+/4+ TD's and must be fast and go across the middle and catch the long ball. The "W' or slot and the TE should see at least 2-4 targets a game each. My concerns - Will Wallace take the "X" and run the routes while Hartline takes the "Z"? Can Lamar Miller pass protect enough to keep Daniel Thomas on the bench? This is a mystery for now but let's revisit at training camp and answer these questions before you draft.

Coach Phibin Talk About Lamar Miller (VIDEO) 

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