Thursday, May 23, 2013




Hey fantasy footballers it’s almost time to start getting prepared for the NFL season to get back underway. It’s about time to start participating in mock drafts and planning your 2013 golden draft strategy to win your leagues. THE FANTASY TYPHOON never takes time off because there is always something going on in the fantasy football community. Actually the off season is the busiest for me because I get to go through each team as a whole and pull out the gems before camp begins. Then I confirm my notions in preseason just in time to help you get an edge on your competitors and nail your 2013 redrafts/keepers/dynasty leagues. Now during the season it does get a little easier for me because I get to relax and watch the games on Sunday and then watch all of the games I missed to keep you well informed with who to drop and who to pick up during the season. Through my diligent study thus far I have come across some future gems for your 2013 drafts specifically the late rounds.

These players ADP will definitely catch up to them by the time you draft but don’t fear I’ll have another batch waiting for you then. (SUBSCRIBE HERE) We try our best to keep ourselves ahead of the competition. Here are a few players that have been grabbing my attention as of late. Below I have composed a full team of late round gems that if I played you with this team I would make the playoffs in a 12 team setting. Remember these are not sleepers they are just game changers that are going way to late in drafts. 

·         Carson Palmer

·         Mark Ingram

·         Deangelo Williams

·         Denario Alexander

·         Josh Gordon

·         Aaron Dobson

·         Vernon Davis

·         Brian Hartline

·         Phil Dawson

·         Tampa Bay Buccaneers DST 

These guys are not getting the attention they deserve in mock drafts these days. They may be getting some personal press but not the love they deserve in mocks which is where the rubber meets the road. 

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013




Hello fantasy footballers it’s me again “THE FANTASY TYPHOON” here to bring you another installment of dynasty football the Fantasy Football 1 on 1 way. In this episode I am going to walk you through the changes that I made to a dynasty team that I took over last year and show you where we came from and where we are going in the future. We are a 4pt QB pass TD and a 1 point ppr settings league. We made the playoff in 2012 but got kicked out the first game we played. We have revamped the QB, RB and TE which held us back last year. Now we are 1 or 2 WR moves away from competing for the top spot.


The first move I made was to get rid of Mikel Leshoure because we here at Fantasy Football 1 on 1 saw that he was under performing. He could not catch the ball in space which is a top requirement for a Modified Spread Offense running back so we knew his time was limited. We traded him off and picked up Tony Romo for our starting QB.

Then we wrapped up Christin Ponder and Kendall Hunter and took some 2013 drafts picks. We knew that Ponder’s tape was awful to watch and the crowded backfield in SF was not working for our three year window.



We first traded off Michael Vick and picked up Jason Witten during the off season.

Then we traded off our 2014 1st and 2nd round picks to acquire the services of Steven Jackson. We have more than enough time to replace the 2014 1st and 2nd round picks before next year’s draft.


We had our rookie draft the second week in May and now this is what my squad looks like as of today.

Our draft went like this:

  • ·         Tyler Eifert (Keeping)
  • ·         Justin Hunter (Keeping)
  • ·         Robert Woods (Keeping)
  • ·         Stedman Bailey (Trading/Keeping)
  • ·         Aaron Mellette (Trading/Keeping)
  • ·         Tyler Wilson (Trading)
  • ·         and Ryan Swope (Trading/Keeping).

As you can very well see, YES I take my own dynasty advice and I picked up future studs in Eifert, Hunter, and Woods. Now Stedman Bailey, Aaron Mellette, Tyler Wilson, and Ryan Swope all came from the proceeds from the Ponder/Kendall Hunter trade. Since we have acquired the services of Tyler Eifert I quickly shipped off Antonio Gates for Brent Celek and a 2014 3rd and two 2014 4th round picks. Once Eifert blows up and takes over for Jermaine Gresham then I plan on trading out Witten for a 1st round pick whether it’s this year or next. I also plan to trade the 2014 3rd and two 4th aquired from the Brent Celek trade for a 2014 2nd. If you have not had your dynasty rookie draft I have complied the rookies into tiers to help you find the 2013 rookie draft gems (CLICK HERE)

The rules are that we can carry 28 guys through training camp but the Monday before the season starts we have to be trimmed down to 24 players. Right now we have 26 players on the roster and once FA opens we will quickly pick up Chris Thompson and Charles Johnson and Levine Toilolo and drop the Atlanta Falcons defense. We will pick up Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense to jell with our Seattle Seahawks defense once one of these guys busts in training camp. We expect it to be Levine Toilolo. We are trying to trade off Tyler Wilson while the off season buzz is high and have the option to keep Toilolo just in case his preseason tape is a hit. The best offer for Tyler we have received was a 2013 3rd and we declined. We expect to bring in at least a 2014 2nd  especially if he receives the nod to start this year.

We are in negotiations to ship off Percy Harvin and a low level player and secure the services of Dez Bryant. This article was just a brief overview to get you familiarized with our players and how we got to where we are today. Tune in to the next installment to find out why we are moving Percy for Dez before camp. 

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