Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Here at “FANTASY FOOTBALL 1 ON 1” we operate a little differently than our peers. We specialize in sets and schemes and watching film on players to validate our waiver wire pickups, roster adjustments, trades, and league drafts. While we use rankings we devalue them more than other sites. The reason why is because rankings are based on last year’s stats and data. This means that you are playing from behind on last year’s projections. Just think about it, how can stats precede talent and scheme? It never can and it never will. We predicted Arian Foster before the stats were relevant. Because talent, scheme, tape and coaches tendencies precede production. We are not looking for the obvious dominators like Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson or Drew Bress because we know they are going to finish at the top. Knowing that information does not give you an edge. You don’t win your league in rounds 1-4 of the draft. You win or get the edge in the latter rounds. Then you dominate with the waiver wire additions during the season to stay on top. We stay ahead of the curve. We shift our focus from where a player is ranked to which player is about to go super nova. We find and recommend players that usually have not hit the lime light. This is what we specialize in. That’s why our articles and player recommendations do not fit our competitors. Our mission is to lead the race while the others follow.

Example – We were screaming Jordy Nelson before he broke out. While he exceeded expectations we knew he was about to go bananas and he was on your rosters while the competition still were waiting for the data. He was in your line ups and rosters on Sunday and you were benefiting from his efforts before the stats were produced. Others caught on weeks 3-4 and then the twitter buzz broke out in droves while we were already recommending the next player. We stress that fantasy football is played in the future and not in the past. We are one of those sites that have the boldness to come forward BEFORE the competition. We might not be as high tech and eye popping as the others but our information is top notch. We are not here to be flashy we are here to win on Sundays

What I do while composing the 2013 ALL “32” Draft Kit (order your copy RIGHT HERE) is I go through each and every team, coaching staff, and their whole rosters. Then I evaluate the schemes and look at the film and see if the player fits the scheme. Then that determines where the targets are going to go and who is about to become fantasy favorites on Sunday. (while doing all of this, I teach you how to do it so you can be independent) It also lets me get the jump on who is about to be traded or lose their roster spot for dynasty owners. This all but eliminates guessing and gut picks and gives our predications a little more credibility. Example – David Wilson is going in the 3rd rounds while you can easily pick up Andre Brown in the 7th (standard scoring). I recommend Andre Brown be on your roster. Also Stephen Ridley is going in the 3rd and Shane Vereen is going in the 7th (for .ppr). Again, I recommend that Vereen be on your roster and get a better value at RB for your 3rd round pick.

This is what I call “LEAGUE DOMINANCE” We had you draft Matthew Stafford in 2011 and then Matt Ryan in 2012 in the later rounds. READ HERE. Players roles shift year in and year out and that’s where we win you league trophies. Rankings are based on the past or at the very best the present. Please, I am not here to bash the guys that do rankings they have their importance in fantasy football and are the backbone of the industry. I am just revealing what makes our services differ from the masses. We are bold enough to reach for the future. I must admit that everything we recommend is not a lock but we do come close, but in the end you have final say. We are experts at what we do and that is winning you games on Sunday and in your league. Subscribe with us because we go a step further than most because we don’t just want you to win we want you to DOMINATE while winning. I want to make you say, “THE FANTASY TYPHOON STRIKES AGAIN”

It seems that no one else is specializing in this type of advice so I decided it’s time to take my place in fantasy. I’m not afraid to break the mold. I have been doing this for years and now it’s time to let the public hear my voice. Thanks for supporting my site and don't just win, DOMINATE!

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