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Hey fantasy footballers it’s about that time to draft again. Each year I do a draft strategy based upon the best available match ups so you can draft a team that has immediate playoff hopes. With a little luck and waiver wire diligence the percentage of you winning your league is immensely increased. Take a look at my 2011 draft strategy article.

I won my expert league on with this strategy. IMPORTANT Remember for this to work to perfection in the 1st round of your draft please choose a running back (RB) of your choice.


RD #2 Ahmad Bradshaw – Well first of all let’s say GOOD BYE BRANDON JACOBS. Do you realize how much competition for carries that you just said good bye to. You just said good bye to 152 carries and 7 stolen TD’s. While I do expect Bradshaw to see the end zone plenty and often he will lose some carries here and there but not 152. (NOTE:  Bradshaw scored 7 TD’s of his own so that should rise. Also more 3rd down work should be in store for Mr. Bradshaw) DRAFT HINT: Pluck him up in round 2. Unless your competition has read this he should be there.
RD #3 Demaryius Thomas – This guy is a top NFL talent with Tebow at QB last year. Yes I said Tebow. Now guess what- BINGO- now he has a Hall of Fame QB in Peyton Manning slinging the rock and Demaryius is about to go bananas in Denver. Manning is going crazy over this guy’s speed and arm reach radius. He will be the #1 WR in the Denver offense. You should be excited when you draft him in round 3 (NOTE:  Went 448/3 in last 5 games of the season with Tebow at QB.) DRAFT HINT: RD 3 is the target round to come in and swoop up a top 10 WR for 2012 don’t hesitate stick to the plan and just be ready to roster him or  somebody else sure will.

RD #4 Peyton Manning – Peyton is just itching to play football again. He can’t wait to get in there and go to work. While all the other owners whine and tell you that he can’t do this and he can’t do that, just quitely pick him up with confidence. Peyton is a competitive warrior. He loves making people look small. Now he is going to make the whole Colts organization look like sheep herders. Pick him up and laugh with him each and every Sunday afternoon.  (NOTE:  Manning is a top 5 QB in any league settings.) DRAFT HINT: (RD 4 is the target round for Manning. Don’t be scared, you will be just fine lol.)

RD #5 Antonio Brown –What’s not to like about this guy right here. He did not get going last year until week 7.He will be Big Ben’s best friend early and often. I know last year his TD totals were low but we can’t dictate that. He clearly has WR #1 talent and runs precision routes without scoring a ton of TD’s. The talent is there and TD’s ALWAYS follow top talent. He will score.  (NOTE:  Just think, what if Mike Wallace is a no show. Whether he sows or not is not a concern for Brown) DRAFT HINT: People think that round 5 is too early for this cat. If he is a major factor on the field on Sunday he will be a major factor on your fantasy squad as well. Why play around with talent.

RD #6 Reggie Wayne – All I have to say is 960 and 4 TD’s with Dan Orlovsky throwing him the rock. I repeat - top talent ALWAYS produces and overcomes on Sunday afternoon. (NOTE: Under the new coaching staff at Indy Reggie Wayne plays the WR Z position. Meaning he will see the most targets of any WR on the Colts roster. Sit back and watch the old man get’er done.) DRAFT HINT: RD #6 is the sweet spot. He should be there waiting for you.

Rd#7 Tony Gonzalez – Once again top talent will ALWAYS win on Sunday. 875 and 7 TD’s last year. Also with the new coaching staff they plan to throw the ball even more. That only makes this guy even more valuable to your playoff bound fantasy team. (NOTE:  He is a goal line and red zone monster. Matty Ice loves this guy so you should also. Pick’em up.) DRAFT HINT: This should be the sleeper on your fantasy team. He may be the MVP come time to pick up your league trophy.

PK of your choice
SF, Buffalo, Seattle, Philly DST

Late round bench Players to target (In no particular order)  David Wilson-LeGarrette Blount-Beannie Wells-Carson Palmer-Greg Little-Darius Heyward-Bey-Lance Moore-Coby Fleener-Robert Meachum-Ronnie Hilman-Toby Gerheart-Mikel LeShoure-Brent Celek

Remember that this is just a template for you to use for your draft. Please feel free to tweak it. Actually I urge you to cross out and add some names that you like. Please make it personal for you and your draft settings. I will use this strategy at the Rotowire/Yahoo fantasy expert invitational challenge CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW THE LEAGUE! 

Please sit back and watch me perform the draft above with precision LIVE! on Mon Jul 23 7:00pm EDT. My team is @jesusprotectme which is my twitter handle. 

Written by Martin E. Brooks aka THE FANTASY TYPHOON!
All projection and yardage totals are courtesy of Rotoworld and NFL.COM standard league.   Contact me at:

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