Friday, August 3, 2012

Marcedes Lewis in 2012 GET"EM

 Marcedes Lewis Will Bounce Back!

Let's Find Out Why!

Please remember that when #1 pick in the draft type talent meets opportunity, in the right scheme, you ALWAYS get excellent results.  

-The Coaches and Schemes - 

New HC Mike Murlarkey and OC Bob Bratkowski who Mike Murlarkey brought over with him from the Falcons last year are planning to run the Traditional Pro Set Offense with a run heavy twist. (the same as the Cowboys but they run it pass heavy). During Mike's time in ATL he was a lover of this offensive scheme and what you saw in ATL was a TON of targets to the #1 WR which is the Z or Flanker position manned by Roddy White. The second stat stuffing position was the Y or TE position manned by Tony Gonzalez (the most talented TE in the league). Also look at Witten's numbers and targets in the Y or TE position for the Cowboys. That is how the "Y" position produces in this offense. It did it in ATL and in Dallas and it will do the same in Jacksonville.

 -The Opportunity-

 In the Traditional Pro Set Offense the "Y" or TE is the #2 stat producing position on the team. Justin Blackmon is suppose to man the "Z" but he has not signed his contract yet and Laurent Robinson is trying to hold it down but he is not talented enough. Justin Blackmon (#1 pick in the draft type talent) will be a BEAST once he signs and learns how to run his assignments correctly (DYNASTY format pick up). Blackmon can be Roddy White Jr. in this offense but he's missing crucial reps in training camp because that is where the team learns the Traditional Pro Set Offense and learns to perfect the system. Marcedes Lewis is there and throwing down. Here's what the camp spectators are saying  about him on twitter " Marcedes Lewis featured in red zone" and "Nice catch by Marcedes Lewis in the end zone. TD throw by Gabbert" and finally "Marcedes Lewis has caught everything. Get the feeling he was embarrassed by last year. Just sort of feels that way watching him"

 -The Talent-
Now let's add in the last piece to the puzzle and that's the talent of Marcedes Lewis. Now just because the system or scheme or "Y" position calls for a ton of targets to the TE does not mean that all Marcedes has to do is show up and show out (look at Laurent Robinson). You have to be ready physically and mentally to man the position to perfection. Marcedes was a #1 pick for the Jags back in 2006 coming over from UCLA. He has more than the necessary talent to man the TE position and finish among the top 10 in TE's this yr. Here's the shocker he is either on your wavier wire or he is going undrafted. I just bought him in one of my DYNASTY leagues FA auction format for a dollar. This is not rocket science nor is it a hunch. This is knowing your OC and HC's offensive schemes and looking at the positions and reacting before the calculator experts dig in around 2013. This is the perfect storm brewing for Marcedes. There is nothing sleeper about this. It's just when #1 pick in the draft type talent meets opportunity, in the right scheme, you ALWAYS get excellent results.  


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