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CORDARELLE PATTERSON - (24) 6'2' / 220 – Whew! We don’t think there is another big WR in the NFL (maybe Demaryius Thomas) who is more explosive with a football in his hands. This guy knows how to eat up yards after the catch. Cordarelle has potential to become a serious game changer.  

So what’s the problem? Everyone uses the easy way out and say it’s his route running that got him benched. Yes that’s part of the answer but when you watch him and dig a little deeper in the film you see lack of effort. We saw Patterson run lazy, and uninspired too many times when his number wasn’t called. This will get you benched way above not running crisp routes. Patterson quit folks. He gave up and by the end of the season the coaches had no other alternative but to bench him. Other pundits say and claim that Charles Johnson took his job but it’s crystal clear that Patterson gave it to him. Stat folks say Johnson took it but film study says he gave it away. That’s a big difference. You don't want to walk away valuing Johnson more than Patterson going forward when the power is clearly in Patterson’s hands, not Johnson’s. Its Patterson’s job to lose and make no mistake the coaches are trying their best to give it to Patterson. 

The problem is that Patterson wants every play to be a TD and he wants to be flashy in the end zone and he does not want to put in the man hours to achieve it. So the coaching staff understanding the disconnect, hired a retired WR to mentor and shadow him this whole off season in CA. He’s teaching him not only route running but most importantly what it takes to be flashy and great. The coaching staff is trying to kill the root of the problem. The mentor is recording their work outs and sending them back to Zimmer for approval. This is deeper than route running. Now Patterson is understanding that it’s a cost to be great. Its preparation and hard work. Paterson thought he could just show up and be a 1,300+/10+ guy. Now he fully understands that it will take full dedication and off season prep, film study (and etc.) to get to the mountain top. The mentor is teaching Patterson more about life because the routes will come together when his mind is right. It’s psychological then physical.   

FANTASY CLUE: If this guy puts in the work, time and effort this off season he could easily be top 25 in 2015. Like we said earlier there are not too many guys who can run with the ball like Patterson. This guy could fight for best WR in the game if he wants it bad enough. Please understand that Patterson can record 100/1 as a WR, 100/1 as a RB, and 100/1 as a returner ALL IN THE SAME GAME. We traded for Patterson in our dynasty/keeper with a third round pick. We obtained front row seats for this show. Full disclosure, we understand that the coaching staff is going at the root of the problem. While we like this we could easily lose out for the simple fact that Paterson proves to be lazy. No one knows because it’s all up to Patterson. Are you in or out.

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