Thursday, June 4, 2015




ODELL BECKHAM - (22) 5'11' / 198 – Full disclosure, I had to erase everything that I wrote about the regression of Odell Beckham and you did not get to see it. I went in with the preconceived notion that he had to regress based on the fact that well, he had to regress. (Yes we do it as well, lol) Then I pulled up the tape and was blew away and not only by Odell but mainly by the way McAdoo moved him around and found the mismatch, then Beckham did the rest. This is a case of perfect situation for a player and it’s hard to deny this and call for an Odell regression, well just because he should regress. This was especially evident against the Eagles at the end of the season. The way McAdoo moved him from the X to Z to E to W was mind blowing. He did it by using motion. So the defense lined up first and then McAdoo countered by moving Odell into the prime match up. This is hard to stop when your OC understands the weapon he has and is willing to move heaven and earth to use him to his full potential. Odell has a special skill set because while he is small he is strong, quick, fast, and shifty when needed. If you play off he will run underneath. If you play tight he will go deep. If you double then they will rub and pick. If you bump he will slant. If you zone he will post. McAdoo lets you play your hand first and then he counters with a better plan. This dude just might be here to stay folks. So get a snickers. FANTASY CLUE: As much as (my gut calls for regression but we know what the term “my gut” means. My 4 year old has a gut or it could very well be heartburn. When someone says their gut told them make sure you run for the hills) I want to I can’t at this time. All formats. Get’em!

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