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 Modified Spread Teams QB’s WR RB’s

The Modified Spread is an offense that is designed to go up and down the field at will. It is designed to jump out to huge leads or overcome any lead. They are not designed to run the ball and burn the clock. It’s designed to be lethal. The weapons on these types of teams are used to full potential. They are throwing early and often. They rarely come out of the game no matter what kind of lead it obtained. These are the weapons you need to target for your fantasy team’s core in dynasty/keeper or redraft. The QB’s and the WR’s and the TE’s and PK's from these teams are gladiators on Sunday. You don't necessarily target the running backs on these teams until later rounds except for ppr settings or flex riders. Once you begin to understand that these QB’s toss the ball all over the yard to the WR1/TE1 you will begin to see why you must have these elite talents as your starters come game day. I'm trying to explain to you why they will be found as Tier #1’s on my tier sheets. SECRET  You see there is no need for ranking these players. If healthy they will finish at or near the top of the pack each and every season. You draft one of these guys and leave them in all year (except bye weeks or injury). They are designed to produce fantasy points. Going into training camp the QB’s and coaches schedule and game plan is to average 4,500+ yards with 30+ TD’s yearly. The coaching staff encourages this in practice day in and day out. They work hard for it. Yep Staff, Brees, Brady and Matty Ice have the green light to go bananas even if they have a surmountable lead. They have no ceiling. Draft’em HINT Brees is the best.

Also target the WR’s 1 in this system because they need no rankings neither. HINT They are 1,300+ yards and 8+ TD’s by design. They will fit the mold of 6'2 +/215+ with speed. Example Justin Hunter 6'4/205. BAM. You don’t need rankings for these guys. Set it and forget it. Yep meet your usual suspects; Megatron, Roddy, Gronk, Graham, and don’t forget newly acquired Amendola. Oh yeah, Dola is about to be a household name. It’s no trick why they finish in the top ten each and every year. They all get the first read from the QB. (Megatron is the best).  

The WR’s/TE’s in this system reap all of the benefits from all of the QB’s efforts. RB’s are in the system because they have to be. Kind of like affirmative action if you will, lol. If you look closely you will see that’s why THEY TRAIN THEM TO BE ABLE TO CATCH THE BALL IN SPACE. SECRET The key to dominating your fantasy leagues is consistency my friend. That’s why you don’t see Vincent Jackson or Andre Johnson mentioned here is because they could land a goose 2 weeks straight and you don’t want that. They are in a Traditional Pro-Style offense and consistency is NOT paramount in that system for the WR it's built for the RB. They train for more of an even game. They feature other positions and prefer a slug it out heavy defensive battle. That's why the Buc's are inquiring the services of Revis and why the Texans are loaded on defense. You don’t want their QB’s/WR’s and TE’s. You want to target their RB’s because there lies the consistency. They are trained to get a lead and then run the ball and the clock out. (I will cover this more in depth in my 2013 Draft Kit "The Art of League Dominance")  

Now you understand why Detroit’s brass went and grabbed Reggie Bush and Atlanta fired Michael Turner and got Steven Jackson. That’s no coincidence IT”S BY DESIGN FOLKS. Their offensive systems are built to run like machines while switching and plugging and scheming the right type of players talents throughout their rosters. RB’s have to be able to catch passes in space and get busy because that is an extension of their run game. These RB’s make excellent ppr backs. Example- Mikel LeShoure better learn how to catch the ball in space or Joique Bell is going take his spot. Furthermore If he doesn't prefect that aspect of his game in off season camps and workouts he will be cut once his rookie contract expires. Then guess what will happen next, another high talented rookie pick of the future will be Reggie Bush's replacement. The brass see the problem and they cant just bench LeShoure and let Bush get all of the carries. Why you ask, because LesShoure was a first round pick and they cant just dispose of him like that because if they do Martin Mahew and co will look incompetent.They will let it play out. All is not lost because he has a lot of time to fix it and be molded into their scheme. The kicker is that he does have a history of weed smoking but hey; you never know. The OC is up in the booth watching all of this and taking notes to bring up in the next team meetings. Trust me Mikel Leshoure's playing time was discussed at length as well as the health of Jahvid Best in the immediate off season.Jahvid Best could easily outlive LeShoure in Detroit if he does not retire. He will be given every opportunity. I know it's crazy but I still carry him on my roster, lol. I just place him on IR during the season and use the spot, lol. 

Schwartz will do exactly what he's taught to do which is to grab the podium and tell you that it will be a time share and blah, blah, blah. Don't buy it people.  Detroit told you LeShoures is the backup once they traded for Reggie Bush. I saw it coming week 10 and traded LeShoure from my dynasty fantasy team right before the trade deadline. I had no clue Bush was coming but I anticipated LeShoures demise. Watching them play on Sunday and knowing that this is a Modified Spread Offense he didn't seem to fit what they were wanting to accomplish. When things like this happens in the NFL it wont take you by surprise because you will not only posses the skills to spot it but  trade in and out of it like you have NFL inside trade secrets. Your fellow managers will have no clue. This is the art of league dominance.

If you wish to continue with the other 28 teams sets, schemes, tendencies, and offensive game plans and coaches schedules and player personnel you can Email me at the address below. All of this and a complete rookie report along with must drafts no matter where they land and more can be found and documented in my 2013 Complete Draft kit. It’s the best on the planet.

Now it’s always good to pull out a calculator and input an algorithm and come to this conclusion but I want you to know why it’s this way. Many people don’t realize that the NFL is organized and repetitive behind the scenes. Some of those 13-10 games are by design. See my friend I don’t want you waking up one morning and saying AWE SNAP, Carson Palmer is going to finish top 5 this season all because you feel it in your gut or a calculator told you. The best Palmers system in Oakland will allow is 8th, and that’s on a banner year. That’s McFadden’s offense. Leauge dominance is watching, understanding what you just saw and then reacting no matter what the coaches or experts tell you. Not vise versa. My motto is "Let a player tell you who he is dont tell him" I told you about Titius Young last year in AUGUST (CLICK HERE)  Please dont misunderstand me as tying to be a know it all because it's just the opposite. I know nothing until the coahes, shemes, and players show me. That's why I say send Palmer to a Modified Spread Offense and then you have the facts and the coaches game plan to back it up.

Here are your 3 (only) Modified Spread Offenses in the NFL as of March 22, 2013. Well what a coincidence look here, it's your top 4 TE's, your 4 top QB's, and 3 top WR's (2 slots in the future sleeper cells and dynasty nuggets). Roddy gets old plug in Julio when Welker walks bring in Dola. Brady gets old, well you get the picture. It's a system. The players below, my gift to you.

NE Patriots

Tom Brady – Rob Gronkowski – Danny Amendola – Aaron Hernandez -Stephen Gotkowski

Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford – Calvin Johnson – Ryan Broyles - Jason hanson

Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan – Roddy White – Julio Jones – Tony Gonzales- Matt Bryant

New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees – Jimmy Graham - Garret Hartley

FYI Kowski, Bryant, Hanson finished top 5 (No coincidence)


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  1. nice. I love it. i went after modified spread offense QBs and WRs last year. I should have taken a TE too as it was my weak spot.