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I don't think no other players stock has dropped as much this week as Eric Decker's. The signing of Wes Welker has all the "experts" rushing to judgement saying that Decker is in for a HUGE decline. This is why I always teach "Don't tell the player who he is let the coaches, the scheme and the talent tell you. Here is why I am bold enough to go against the grain. This is why and how I help lead you to championships year in and year out. 


Let's chop it up. 

WELKER IS SWITCHING OFFENSES NOT DECKER - The addition of Welker to the "W" or slot position makes this ACE/W Personnel offense the exact same offense that was producing big stats in Indy.  All you have to do is just think of Welker in Austin Collie's old role. The difference is that Brady runs the Modified Spread with 2 TE sets with no huddle option. This is why if healthy, the addition of Danny Amendola makes him more fantasy relevant this year than Welker. (Don't sleep on Dola folks) The "W" or slot position in NE calls for more plays and nothing more nothing less. I'm not saying that Welker is not talented I'm just saying he's moving to a different offense or scheme.  Welkers position in Denver is the 2cnd 3rd and sometimes 4th read whereas in NE he was the first. Demaryius Thomas is the WR1 in Denver but in N.E. Welker was the #1. You see the difference. In Indy/Denver the ball is passed around a lot more evenly than in N.E. Now being that Indy and Denver run the same sets and schemes Welker's role will be reduced not his talent. This is why it's so important to know your sets and schemes instead of just speculating and making gut decisions. Welker is no longer a 100 catch WR in this system. We just have to face these facts. Demaryius Thomas should be your first WR pick from this offense in this years draft along with Decker second and Welker a close third. If anyone's stock is down it's Welker's not Decker's. Decker is in the ("Z") same old Indy offense that Pierre Garcon manned before he went to the Redskins. It is a 60/80 catch position year in and year out. It's all because Peyton Manning's super human ability to read the DST before the snap and this is how this offense stays on schedule. The coaches, schemes, and sets have spoken. Thomas is on line for a 75/100+ catch year ("X" Wayne) , while Decker is set for 60/80 ("Z" Garcon) and Welker is on pace for 50/70 ("W" Collie). Welker's stock went down once they announced the trade. I strongly advise my dynasty/redraft comrades to act accordingly. 

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