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Please remember that when #1 pick in the draft type talent meets opportunity, in the right scheme, you ALWAYS get excellent results.  
-The Coaches and Schemes - 
 OC Dirk Koetter has found his new toy in Steven Jackson. Steven is coming to a Modified Spread Offense from a Tradition Pro Offense in St. Louis. The difference is that in ATL he will be able to get that ball in space or out of the backfield and the offense will create more running lanes because of the spread formation and 3 WR sets. This means that there will be less defenders crowding the box like it was back in ST. Louis. Before the departure of Michael Turner they never really could get that offense clicking like they wanted due to to Michael Turners one dimensional play. They had to use 2 backs to make a whole and that's why JaQuizz Rodgers got extra time. Now that Steve is in town he is perfect for the scheme. He can catch the ball out of the backfield and he can also mash up the middle and hit the outside. Steven will get the bulk of the carries and he has more than proven that he can still tote the rock at a very high level. Steven Jackson is about to have a career year in ATL.

 -The Opportunity-
 In the Modified Spread Offense there is no room for a fullback due to the extra receiver on the field. JaQuizz nor Jason Snelling has never proven themselves to be worthy of the spot outright. Now with Jackson in the mix they can run the offense full throttle. Like I said earlier when Turner was there they had to come out of the Spread Offense and line up in Base which tipped the defense off to stack the box and stop the run. Well not anymore because a new back has showed up on the scene. Now in Base packages it is more of a run first offense like the Rams currently run. That's why Turner was perfect for that scheme and ran the ball around 300 times a season. A Modified spread Offense may call for at or around 200-250 but you also are in line to catch 40-65 passes out of the backfield in space. This is where the value for Jackson rises the most. Look for Jackson to easily get 300 touches in this offense.
 -The Talent-
Steven Jackson comes from Oregon State and has secured at least 8 1,000 yard seasons facing a loaded box. This will be the first time in his professional career where he will have some room to roam. If you watched any of the Rams games last year you can clearly see that Jackson has a lot left to offer. Greg Cosell of NFL Films said this about Jackson on twitter  "He's still a very, very good player," said Cosell.  and he still got some quickness. You don't call him a speed back -- he's not that guy -- but he still has some ability to get outside. He's always been a finisher. He's a guy with natural power. He's both strong and physical." CLICK HERE FOR HIGHLIGHTS 2012  In my dynasty league I scooped up Jackson quickly trading my 2014 Rd #1 and #2 to secure him to my roster now you go and act accordingly. Remember I always say " Never tell a player who he is watch the coaching staff, the scheme, and the talent and let them tell you who they are.   
#1 pick in the draft type talent meets opportunity, in the right scheme, you ALWAYS get excellent results. 
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