Wednesday, March 20, 2013

“2013 Re Draft Wait for TE and QB”



Hello Fantasy footballers it’s me again THE FANTASY TYPHOON here to bring you some way too early information to help you dominate your upcoming NFL fantasy football season. I just participated in a experts draft March 17, 2013 on My Fantasy League sponsored by my good friend Jim Day AKA Fantasy Taz (@FANTASYTAZ on twitter) if you want to see the results go here MY FANTASY LEAGUE DRAFT LIVE  I think it’s open to the public. (Shoot Taz a tweet and ask to participate/test a mock draft to see for yourself)

The reason I am writing you this early is to give you the heads up on the trends that are taking place in 2013. I do expect them to change from now till September but not by much. The QB and TE positions are deep this year and the running backs will go early and often. The 1.01 to the 1.08 were all running backs in this draft. I had the 1.09 slot and I took Rob Gronkowski (Gronk) just to try and test a new strategy. Then the 1.10 to the 2.01 were more running backs. So now we find ourselves are at the 2.02 pick of a 12 team league with 11 of 32 running backs off of the board. WOW! If you participate in a re draft league where you can trade your draft slot I would try and catch the 1.12 & 2.01. In my opinion this is the best slot to draft out of this season because you can secure 2 premium running backs before the cliff. In this draft the 12th slot was manned by J. D. Beckler II @JDBeckler who did a fantastic job in taking Matt Forte and Alfred Morris. Please be advised that the draft is the biggest and best time to transfer talent to your team. A good draft with a diligent waiver wire pursuit makes all of the difference of a 1st or last place finish.

Like I said earlier I took Gronk in the first and as you can see when round 2 came up my best choice was Darren McFadden then Lamar Miller in the third. I was way behind the flow of the draft as far as running backs are concerned. The running backs dried up before I could get 2 solid pieces. Please don’t make this mistake this year because I want you to maximize your roster spot and make the playoffs. So remember that it is wise to go RB + RB + WR + WR then do as you please. Set your core of talent up for much success and learn from my mock draft.

Hint: Stephen Jackson will go bananas this year. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

Good luck and much success to your fantasy football teams this year. 

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