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Hello fantasy footballers it’s time for another installment from your favorite fantasy football mastermind ‘The Fantasy Typhoon”. Now with all of the buzz on twitter about the changes that the Falcons are making this year everyone is yapping about Matty Ice, Julio Jones, Roddy White and “yes” they should be, but what about Harry? 

OK, let’s examine this a little further. We all know that Matt Ryan is the QB and according to the preseason film Julio Jones is manning the “Z” which makes him the #1 WR in this system. We also know that Roddy White is in the “X’ which is the 2cnd and 3rd read for the QB but what about the “W”. Have we forgotten all about the slot position and what that entails? History shows that in a Modified Spread Offense the “W” or slot position is the #2 target for that type of offense. So why are we overlooking it for the Falcons?

 The “W” receiver MUST be able to break the jam at the line of scrimmage (LOS) and he must be able to run precise routes and read defenses to know where to be for the ball. Third downs are the “money downs’ for this position. So with all that being said who mans this position for the new pass happy Falcons offense? Well fantasy footballers please meet Mr. Harry Douglas (CLICK HERE

Harry clocks in at 5’11 and 176 which fits the prototype of the “W” perfect. He has excellent speed and size to be able to beat his defenders when running his routes. He also excels with yards after catch (YAC). I can’t really get into his stats because they don’t matter when you are in your first year with a new scheme. It’s all new and it all starts in 2012. He has all of the makings to be a favorite target for Matty and will definitely eat into the “X’s” production. Think Wes Welker in the slot for the Patriots. While they run their offense a little different you should be able to see the importance of his role now. Harry Douglas is what I call a “sleeper cell” right about now. I anticipate the buzz to pick up once he suits up and plays his first preseason game. He has been hurt so he should play soon. 

Remember that this is not rocket science or guessing this is schemes and OC’s telling us quietly what they are planning to do. Right now as of today no one is picking up Harry Douglas. So while all of your league mates are picking up Randy Moss and Plaxico Burress you go and get Harry Douglas in the late rounds. You might be pleasantly surprised by his fantasy production. It’s not my job to tell you how many yards and how many catches that Harry will make this year. It’s my job to tell you what the player + scheme + situation is saying. It’s saying to go GET”EM. 

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