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What’s good fantasy footballers, experts, amateurs, and high money rollers. Whether you play for recreation or for a living fantasy football is talking to you loud and clear. I have a new concept that I want to spring on you. It’s called “LISTEN WITH YOUR EYES”.  I know it sounds crazy huh. But if you listen with your eyes to what the NFL teams are doing right in front of your face things will begin to make sense. Here are a few of my notes from my desk mainly for my dynasty/keepers followers.

Ever wonder why Manning chose Denver? Manning chose Denver because they run the same scheme or sets or offense as he did in Indianapolis. They both run the Ace/W personnel offense so making the switch to Denver won’t take too long to adapt. Oh, and FYI Arizona runs it also. That’s why his decision came down to those 2 teams. Makes a little more sense? Manning has just told you that he is planning on putting up the same type stats in that Broncos uniform. It’s the same scheme. Once he gets chemistry with those receivers it’s just a matter of time. So draft Manning accordingly and in dynasty wait till next year for the real flourish.

Wonder why Detroit gets to the draft and takes a WR in the first round when they clearly need a corner? Detroit is a Modified Spread Offense and they plan on throwing the ball that’s why they drafted Broyles and left the corner situation on hold. Also it’s why Megatron got the big bucks and one of their top defensive players is not in camp. They would rather add offensive weapons to their offense than secure the defense. That is saying a lot. Oh, they have been dying for a “W” WR. They have him now. Forget Titus Young (the “X”) they are going to gut defenses right down the seam with Broyles at the “W” as their running game. That’s why they are not worried with Jahvid on the PUP. They have told us they are throwing the ball a TON. So draft Stafford and Megatron (no regression) and Broyles BOLDLY.

Wonder why Houston paid Foster and let Mario walk? They are a Modified West Coast Offense with zone blocking scheme. So why not let Foster walk and use Tate? They are telling us that the future is in Foster and they are going to ride him till the cows come home. So draft Foster with confidence in dynasty. They are riding him and so should you.

Have you ever wondered why Cincinnati keeps drafting tall receivers? They draft tall fast receivers to mask the weak arm of Andy Dalton. They knew that when they drafted him so expect a RB next year if BGE doesn’t make the grade. In dynasty formats don’t be afraid to sell high on BGE if he looks a little rusty.

Who’s better for dynasty/keeper/redraft Andrew Luck or RGIII? Well once you look at the schemes you will see why Shanny put up the farm and why Cleveland went with Trent. Cleveland wants to run the ball and take dings and dunks down the field so Weeden and Trent are what they wanted. They fit what they are trying to accomplish in Cleveland. On the other hand RGIII fits the Modified West Coast Offense that the Shanny’s run while Luck is in the Ace/W personnel. So the schemes tell us that RGIII and the Redskins will run to throw and Luck and the Colts will throw to run. Expect a bigger season each and every year from Luck including 2012. Dynasty leagues make your adjustments before it’s too late.

These are just a few of many little dynasty moments and nuggets that I jot down while doing my research.

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