Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Twitter Experts NFL Fantasy Football Week 1 Results

WEEK 1 Twitter Expert NFL Fantasy Football League

Week 1 and WOW guess who I am up against. No other than the host himself 1StopShop. I can't go easy on him so I have to let him have it. This is war, lol. No trade offers to accept or decline so I am going into week 1 with the V-Jax and Gates combo. This is my main concern. This is the roster section that I am evaluating this week. Along with Evan Moore. Here are the resullts.

I beat 1StopShop by the close score of 125.90 - 120.20. This was a close game.


Vincent Jackson did not produce and I really do not like this. He just put up 3.1 fantasy points. While I know he is a BEAT but this is unacceptable. I really need to see if I can trade him out immediately. Gates saw a ton of targets and there is no need to own both receivers in this case. One has got to go. I will put V-Jax on the block this week and see if I can move him off of the roster. Just the simple fact that he can go out with a sub par performance like this worries me. He will not be here next week.

Antonio Gates gave me 74 yards but in his defense he did drop a TD. I am OK this time. As long as I won, lol.

Evan Moore - YES TD. The streak is still on. 9.50 fantasy points. I'll take that. Especially from where I drafted him.

Shonn Greene  - I placed him in the flex and was very disappointed with his lackluster performance. Right about now he's dead to me, lol. This may be his last sighting, lol.

Stafford and Megatron both came out like gate busters. Strategy looking good game 1. They combined for 44 total points.

A.J. Green gave me 41yds and a TD. Good value there for now. He earns the right to start again next week.

Hightower and Forte gave me a combined 37.5 out of my backfield combo. Not bad. Hightower played the whole game which is very soothing for the moment. Also no fumbles. Just waiting for that breakout game that will make me look like a pure genius, lol.

Actually not going RB in the first round did not hurt me in week 1.

Check back again next week to see what happens in week 2. Remember that Fantasy football is won on guts and luck. Follow me on twitter at @jesusprotectme if you have any fantasy football questions.

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