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Twitter Experts NFL Fantasy Football Draft

Twitter Experts NFL Fantasy Football Draft

Welcome to the Twitter Expert NFL Fantasy Football League.  My name is The Fantasy TYPHOON (twitter @jesusprotectme) and I will walk you all the way through my entire season and let you see what things I do and do not do until I win or get defeated. I will update the events from week to week. I will try to be as transparent as possible. I will include my trade rejects and proposals I will try to include you in on everything I do. FYI I am drafting out of the 2cnd slot. Well the roster is composed of starting 11 players: 1 QB, 2 RB’s, 3 WR’s, 2 TE’s, 1 RB/WR, 1 K and 1 D/ST (non ppr). The league is composed of The Fantasy Typhoon (ME), FFootball247365, Fantasy Guideline, Fantasy Chumps, FF Advisor, Dexter Manley’s Library, FSportsGuy, Zo_Phinning, the Draftologist and 1StopShopFF.

Strategy Before the Draft
My strategy was something new that I wanted to give a try. I want to see if I can prove this theory of not having succes without drafting A.P. Foster, J. Charles, etc.... in the early rounds. I tried this new format and it worked way better than I could ever suspect. I went WR/WR/RB/RB/TE/QB then I coasted and played the value card for the rest of the draft. Did my draft plan work? You decide.

My Draft Results –

Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions Rd. 1.2 – Boy did I get everybody's attention taking Megatron this early. I know that with a healthy Stafford that this guy could really put up some unbelievable fantasy numbers from week to week. In my opinion I think that Megatron is the best WR of the year. So I took him instead of Foster, Ray Rice, J.Charles, CJ2K (actually AP went first) etc... . Only time will tell if this works (so follow me all the way to the end and find out).

Vincent Jackson, San Diego Chargers  Rd. 2.9 – Believe it or not, I am not a San Diego fan. I am a true Cowboys fan. Remember my strategy WR/WR for the first two rounds. I just missed Fitz and Nicks  but according to my personal projections Vincent Jackson was the next in line. Not a real fan of this guy. He gets a lot of hype but as a fantasy footballer we live in the what have you done for me lately era. And V Jax has done nothing impressive lately. So this is clearly a gamble. Will it pay off?

Matt Forte, Chicago Bears, Rd. 3.2 – Ok, there was more running back talent on the board that I wanted to snag here like Turner, Felix Jones, Peyton Hillis, Stephen Jackson. I chose Forte because I like his full set of skills and that he comes out of the backfield. Although this is not a ppr I think he has the most chance to being my RB1. Actually I like the value here.

Antonio Gates, San Diego Chargers, Rd. 4.9 – WOW Gates is still on the board this late. I had to deviate from the script and pick this guy up. Actually he is in a TE league all by himself. He leads the team in targets and he is a WR1 in disguise. Now I know what you are wondering hmm Gates and V-Jax on the same team. That's fixable but this is where the draft is leading so let's continue and see where we end up. Also there was not any good RB's that will out score Gates. I also took in consideration that we are running 2 TE's. Remember to come into the draft with a plan but when value shows up go with the flow of the draft.

Tim Hightower, Washington Redskins, Rd. 5.2 – This is my gamble of the season. If he can control those fumbles and run hard he should continue to get the starting nod week in and week out. My motto is "Fantasy football is won on guts and luck" This pick includes a little bit of both. Keep up with me and let's see if this picks wrecks my championship goals.

Shonn Greene, New York Jets, Rd. 6.9 – Truthfully I hate this guy. But a solid RB1 this late in the game I have to pick'em up and let it do what it do. Also I need a back up RB1 just in case Hightower's falls off of the wagon. He's here for insurance and bye week purposes only, lol.

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions, Rd. 7.2 – It's getting QB time now and it's getting crucial. Romo is gone as well as Eli so I have to get a solid QB. Like I said earlier if Stafford can stay on his two feet all year this will be a GOLD pick. Also it doesn't hurt to have Megatron on my team as well.

A.J. Green, Cincinati Bengals Rd. 8.9 – I am a firm believer that you should always take a RB1 or WR1 on the depth chart over someone who is the number 2. Here's a prime example. I know Dalton may not look good but dude did catch a nice TD pass in pre season and he saw a ton of targets as well. I will pick him up and start'em week 1 and see what he does.

Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks, Rd. 9.2 – This guy looks like a disaster but he is still a RB1 which means he will get a lot of opportunities to score. Unless there is some injury to Forte/Hightower/Greene he's strictly bench or trade material. Let's see if he makes it the whole year.

Lance Moore, New Orleans Saints, Rd. 10.9 –Yes this guy is my slot machine. You always need to have a slot receiver on your squad. ALWAYS! Collie/Shipley/Jordy Nelson/ ALWAYS!

Julio Jones,Atlanta Falcons, Rd. 11.2 – This guy has the potential to make some big plays on some bye weeks. Let's pick'em up and see if we can maybe trade him out if he's electric as I suspect he should be. He could end up to be very valuable. My starting three WR1's are set so let's roll the dice.

New England Patriots Defense,  Rd. 12.9 – Hey D's were coming off the board quickly and often. I had to go ahead and plug one in. I know they will be dropped soon but I think they should do some damage with all of the upgrades added this  off season.

Evan Moore, Clevland Browns, Rd. 13.2 – Actually I love this guy. My pre season sleeper of the year. Did a lot of damage when on the field and has caught a TD each and every game. I may have waited too long to get my second TE but I am hoping that this guy can bail me out of the water.

Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers, Rd. 14.9 – There he is. My second slot machine. This guy will start some games for me. That's a fact. I can hear this guy paying off for me right now. CHA-CHING (fantasy points cash register)

Todd Heap, Arizona Cardinals, Rd. 15.2 – Well knowing that Kevin Kolb has a slack arm and he loves to throw those choppy/short routes instead of the long ball. I am really going to need this guy to produce twice on bye weeks. I think he can do it. Do you?

Rex Grossman, Washngton Redskins, Rd. 16.9 – Yep I did it, lol. No explanation or stats, just pure gut.

Terell Ownes, FA, Rd. 17.2 – Hey you know he is going to play somewhere. Also this is what I call my waiver wire slot. I can hold on to T.O. and if nobody impresses me on the wire then I can keep him on board. If someone I see that I need pops up on the wire guess who is going to get dropped? I win either way. Always leave an opening on your fantasy teams for the wire.

Please see the draft results below. (Please remember that I am The Fantasy TYPHOON)
Twitter Experts NFL Fantasy Football Draft

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