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THE TE CLIFF--- Gronk, Graham, Witt, Hern, Gonzo 


Fantasy footballers it’s me again, THE FANTASY TYPHOON here to bring you some off season league dominating information. This time we will take a look at the cliff or should I say drop off at the TE position.

You have to agree that after Gonzo comes off of the board your choice at TE becomes a roulette wheel. You might as well put your whole season on the gambling table and then bet on black, lol. Good thing is I don’t go on record with mere hunches and gut picks and what ifs. YOU CAN’T DOMINATE YOUR LEAGUE WITH FALSE INFORMATION. It won’t work, “It never has, and it never will”. I’m cut from a different cloth. I examine the coaches, the scheme, and the talent before I go on record. Now with that being established, let’s take a closer look.

You use to be able to ignore the TE spot because all were created equal. You can’t use that mindset any longer. The Fab Five above will create massive points from the position that you will be an underdog when facing those owners on game day. We have to find other TE options in the latter rounds if we want to be competitive. Brandon Myers owners made the right call last year. He stepped up and put up comparable stats. Who is it this year?

We know that Kyle Rudolph and Rob Housler have all the talent, Antonio Gates and Owens Daniels have the scoring history, Heath Miler and Fred Davis have the injury, Brandon Myers and Martellus Bennett have the new team schemes, and Vernon Davis and Jared Cook have the speed. It would be easy if we could roll all of the above up into one TE. Unfortunately we can’t so what do you do to find the best TE for your roster spot if you miss one of the fab five. Everyone else is saying this and that and pushing this TE over this one but you can’t make a wise decision until you get more information. I’m not afraid to say, “I don’t know. YOU HAVE TO WAIT!

Let’s CHOP IT UP. (In no particular order)

k       Kyle Rudolph – 53/493/9 – Those numbers are disgusting for Rudolph. This kid has big time talent. I mean BIG BIG BIG time talent. When watching him on Sundays you sit there and say “What is the problem”. “Why isn’t he being a BEAST” Then Percy Harvin goes down for the year and you just know that Rudolph is about to go bananas, but NO. Is it Ponder, Frazier, or both holding him back because after viewing the Pro Bowl it sure isn’t Rudolph. If they use this guy right he will immediately jump into the Gronk, Graham convo overnight. Training camp preseason question - Will he ever be a staple in this offense and is Ponder getting better?

·         Vernon Davis - 41/548/5 – Once again unacceptable numbers for this talent. Maybe it was Delanie Walker in the way. Well now he’s gone. Maybe Davis and Collin Kap had a misunderstanding during the season? The read option uses the TE so what’s the problem here. In the super bowl he went for 6/104 so is it fixed now? Training camp preseason question – Is it fixed and do they bring in another TE?

·         Antonio Gates – 49/538/7 - This guy is a monster. He’s been plagued with foot problems the last couple of years. He was a full go all last season and still didn’t produce up to his standards. What’s the problem? Training camp preseason question - Is it Rivers, the O Line, or is he just getting too old. Also what are the new coach’s scheme and game plan for Gates?

·         Jared Cook – 44/523/4 - It seems like this guy has just been an underachiever his whole career. He has the speed to roll with the big boys but for some reason it never clicks. The buzz comes out and he never gets it done. Jeff Fisher is coming back for round 2 with Cook to set him straight. Training camp preseason question – Was Tennessee the problem or is Cook a little lazy?

·         Brandon Myers – 79/806/4 - The new signing of Myers with New York Football Giants appears to be a nice landing spot for him. Coughlin system uses the TE efficiently and in the red zone so he could be viable. NY usually use a more athletic TE than Myers who is an established blocker as well. The jury is out with this set up. Training camp preseason question – Does Eli jell with him and check to see how his camp is going. Also does he come off of the field in any sets?

·         Rob Housler – 45/417/0 -  With Bruce Arians in town get ready to burn baby burn. Arians is known for using his TE’s frequently. Don’t sleep folks this guy has #1 TE talent. Just because you never heard of a TE being productive in Arizona don’t block him out of your sights. While Fitz is being doubled Housler could surprise and he could be a sleeper this year. Training camp preseason question – Do the coaches cut him loose over the middle and does his new QB find a groove with him

·         Mercedes Lewis – 52/540/4 - We know this guy is a red zone threat. We know he can get off blocks and get open. It’s not a mystery as why he’s being held down. The QB. Also a good thing for him is that the coaching staff realizes they underused him and have promised to fix it. They say he stayed in to block too much. That’s some good news.  Training camp preseason question – Do they get another QB if not check to see how much he blocks to see if the coaching staff is making good on their promise?

I will stop here and just give you the low down on the first eight TE prospects, I will return next week with the other eight (or more). CLICK HERE FOR PART II As you can see once you get answers to some of the questions I have mentioned then you can get a better grasp as to who will rise to the top. DYNASTY- Be patient before you make a TE power move unless it’s one of the TE’s in the heading. You could already have the right one. Next week we will examine, Fred Davis, Scott Chandler, Dennis Pita, Heath Miller, Greg Olson, Dustin Keller, Martellus Bennett, and Kelen Davis. My motto: Don’t just win, DOMINATE!

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