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THE TE CLIFF PART II --- Gronk, Graham, Witt, Hern, Gonzo THEN WHO?      

As promised here is part two of The TE Cliff series. I think some of these players have a little less training camp questions. These TE’s still have some issues that need to be observed before we can make a definite conclusion. I must say that there are 1 or 2 good prospects out of this group.

Let’s CHOP IT UP. (In no particular order)

·         Fred Davis - 24/325 – Fred is a good fit for Washington and I am sure that’s why he chose to return. If he is back to his old self I have no problem in drafting him with ether Kirk or Lil Bob at the QB position. Training camp preseason question – Is he back 100%

·         Dustin Keller – 28/317/2 - I have always liked Dustin Keller. He runs good routes and he always seems to get open. He did get hurt last year and I think he’should be good to go this season. The thing to watch out for is the QB and can he make the check downs when needed. Training camp preseason question – Does he have a good connection with Tannehill and is Hartline producing

·         Greg Olson - 69/843/5 - This guy maybe the safest bet as they come (No Upside). Cam likes him and finds him often. If everything stays the same and no one else is brought in to challenge his spot, Olson is safe and expect the same numbers again in 2013. Training camp preseason question – Do they bring in another TE for competition

·         Martellus Bennett - 55/626/5 – The Bears new coaching staff are planning to line this guy up all over the field. That’s good news if they keep their promise. He can create mismatches and win across the middle of the field. This one I have my eyes on. Training camp preseason question – Are they using him effectively.

·         Heath Miller - 71/816/8 – It all depends if this guy is ready come week 1. If he is grab’em and starte’em. Also in dynasty leagues it’s time to start making preparations to replace him on your rosters. If they draft/pick up a TE he should not be on your roster week 9 2014. Training camp preseason question – Is he ready? If so grab’em

·         Dennis Pita – 61/669/7 – You have got to love the position this guy is in right now. Anquan Boldin is gone and they don’t seem to be replacing him. Flacco already trusts him so he could put up some mega numbers this year. Keep and eye on the WR situation in Baltimore though. Training camp preseason question – Who do they bring in at WR? If it’s a rookie grab’em.

·         Scott Chandler – 43/571/6 – He’s excellent red zone threat when healthy. The question is will he be ready week 1 and if not will he lose his job. Keep close tabs on the TE situation in Buffalo because the starter there could make some owner happy in 2013. Training camp preseason question – Do they keep him? Is he ready for week 1? Kolb loves to check down to the TE’s

·         Kellen Davis – 19/229/2 - Rob and Norv love to use their TE’s throughout the game plan. I don’t think that Davis will win the starting job come August. This situation may be the worst for all of the TE’s. Training camp preseason question – Is he starting?

I will stop here because now you have enough information to watch training camp and preseason and make a TE move that separates you from the pack. If you want upside you can go Bennett, Cook, and Pita. If you want consistency you could go Olson, Miller and Fred Davis. I hope this two part series has helped you get a clear overview so that you can make the right choice for your scoring settings. Also if you chose you could just pick up two TE and switch them out from game to game. It’s called streaming. Here is a article that a friend of mine over at “The Fake Football” wrote and it will further explain streaming of the TE position.  CLICK HERE

 DYNASTY- Be patient before you make a TE power move unless it’s one of the TE’s in the heading. You could already have the right one.. My motto: Don’t just win, DOMINATE!

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