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HEAD COACH – Gary Kubiack


The Houston Texans are powered by 3 main players and for them to advance to the next level it can’t be that way. We can’t call them the triplets like we do the 90’s Cowboys team because they lack the firepower at QB. The Texans are a Modified West Coast Offense with Zone Blocking Scheme. The Texans perfect game is one where the defense gets at least 2+ turnovers and the running game can bring in 200+ yards. This is Texans football. A great playoff philosophy maximized during the regular season. This means that this team is built to run first then throw later. Everything is designed to go through the running back. So the running back has to be the most talented player on the team. They proved this when they paid Arian Foster the big bucks instead of relying on Ben Tate to carry the load. This style of offense and lack of WR2 talent forces them to utilize the TE which automatically makes him a viable play in this scheme. This makes the TE the WR2 in this system as long as they are missing the talented WR2 who can consistently beat 1-on-1 coverage. Owens Daniels is a nice play at the TE position on Sunday fantasy rosters. I don’t understand why this position is not filled as of yet because there are so many free agents who can meet this goal with their eyes closed. I surely expect to see a high round pick spent on a WR in this year’s rookie draft. That should make them a little more competitive during the 2013 playoffs. Let’s break down the 2013 Texans roster and uncover the fantasy football nuggets.

The QB is Matt Schaub who will not be targeted for our 2013 championship rosters. The reason why is that Arian Foster, and an aging Andre Johnson and Owens Daniels are not enough weapons to make Schaub worthy to start during the season. At best he can be utilized as a bye week filler and a good option when they are facing a Modified Spread Offense. This will make the Texans coaching staff have to throw a lot more than usual to compete. While Schaub is not called to do more the reason why has yet to be seen. Until I see more consistency on film we will leave him in back up QB status. We fully project to see 4,000+/27+ from Schuab this year. The low TD total due to Foster’s goal line dominance makes us limit our projections going forward. This is tier 3-4 production and should be a backup until further notice. 

Arian Foster is the starting running back for the Houston Texans. Foster will see a ton of carries and they will ride him through the season. Ben Tate is the handcuff and is usually injured at that. We expect to see Ben produce 700+/4+ We fully expect Foster to be the workhorse in 2013 and is a top tier running back for your rosters. While he carries the Texans let him carry your fantasy team as well. It is not a mystery that we here at Fantasy Football 1 on 1 are on record on the ADP podcast suggesting our subscribers to draft RB+RB+RB (PODCAST HERE) in the first three rounds and get an edge on the competition. Starting with Foster in the first round is an excellent play and will reap rewards for you in any league settings. He is also match up proof so there is no need to get on twitter and ask should you start Foster over player X this week. If you own Foster then start’em. Foster’s forecast for 2013 is 1,400+/10+ & 350+/10+ which is easily top tier 1 production in any settings.

The WR to own in this system is Andre Johnson. He may very well be the only receiver once again in 2013. He will be the target monster at the WR position. While we love his fantasy worth, we will bypass him on draft day and secure a RB in his stead if he goes in the first three rounds. While Matt Shaub is needed to throw the occasional deep ball on the play action roll out which is designed for the WR2. The problem is that the Texans do not have a talented WR2 and we expect them to address this early in the 2013 draft. Andre Johnson is getting older and it’s time to have his successor on the roster. We already know that whoever is drafted and no matter how much talent they possess they will be a number 2 receiver behind Andre Johnson. This means targets will be limited until they can be trusted. This is good news for dynasty and bad news for redrafters. We will have to watch the rookie draft this weekend and come back reevaluate this situation. We fully expect to see Andre Johnson produce 1,250+/5+ which is round 2-3 production. If he falls to the fourth round quickly pick him up and laugh quietly to yourself. You are about to DOMINATE.

The TE is Owens Daniels who is like I said earlier the WR2 for the Texans. As long as that hole is open he is your man. He is an excellent TE who can consistently get open and also warrant a couple of red zone looks. We have better options for TE as outlined in our 2013 ALL 32 predraft kit (ORDER HERE) but if you miss out he is an excellent alternative. We look for a steady 700+/5+ TE production from Owens at seasons end. 


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As we stated earlier in the above break down we fully expect to see an early round WR addition for the Houston Texans. While that is good news for dynasty owners it’s not that great of news for redraft. The Texans like to see their WR’s prove themselves before supreme playing time and targets are warranted. The playbook is simple enough for a rookie to grasp and is not as diverse as the Schottenheimer's playbook used in St. Louis. (That’s the Brain Quick holdup) So keep your ears open to the beat writers  for more updates during the fantasy season.

                   FANTASY DRAFT WATCH 2013    

Matt Schuab - 4,000+/27+ - Not worth a starter but an excellent back up.

Arian Foster – 1,400+/10+ & 350+/3+ - ABSOLUTELY!

Ben Tate - Ben Tate - 700+/4+ - Definitely serviceable as Foster’s handcuff in the late rounds.

Andre Johnson - 1,250+/5+ - Too high let your league mates take him while you secure your backfield unless he falls to the fourth round.
Owens Daniels – 700+/5+ – Only if you miss the suggested TE’s suggested in the 2013 ALL 32 Draft Kit.
PK -  Not Yet Rated

DST – Worth a last round or next to last round pick up in all fantasy formats.  

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