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2          34        Titans             Justin Hunter            WR     Tennessee                SEC

We have Justin Hunter at the top of our board based on talent and potential only. He has the shell of AJ Green. We don’t care where he lands he will produce for you in the allotted 3 year rookie dynasty window. You will not be disappointed. 

2          41        Bills                Robert Woods           WR     USC                           Pac-12

Crisp route runner with the ability to beat the jam at the line of scrimmage in college, now as a NFL rookie. Might not be the fastest but has sure hands and should shoulder a long prosperous NFL career as well. That’s we are looking for in dynasty formats right?

2          48        Steelers         LeVeon Bell              RB      Michigan State         Big Ten

We love the talent and situation that Leveon Bell has found himself in. He is a talented back that is now in a Traditional Pro-Style Offense and we expect to see some good numbers from him once he gets settled. He should be entrenched as the bell cow well within the 3 year rookie window. Could he be the new 1.1

1          21        Bengals         Tyler Eifert                 TE       Notre Dame               Ind.

We love this guy’s talent. Players like these top four guys will play in any system for a long time. That’s why these guys are slated at the top of their class. Even if they are traded they will still get the first nod to start until they retire. The rookie RB’s and QB’s in 2013 are shaky at best so beware. These guys above are full of talent and talent plays on Sunday.


2          58        Broncos         Montee Ball               RB      Wisconsin                 Big Ten

Montee Ball was one of my favorite running backs before the NFL rookie draft begun. Now that he lands in Denver is awesome for his value. Please be advised that as long as Manning is QB, HE MUST BE ABLE TO EXCEL AT PASS PROTECTION. They are not letting this guy hit the field unless they are 110% sure of his pass blocking skills to protect Manning. If he gets time on the field and misses a passing block you best be sure that he is immediately coming to the bench. Also, McGahee will not be released and Ball WILL NOT see any parts of the field again until this is proven in practice. Take that to the bank.

1          29        Vikings           Cordarrelle Patterson          WR     Tennessee    SEC

We love this guy’s film but the downside is that he is so raw. It may take more than the 3 year rookie window before this guy catches on fire. You could pass on him and back track and pick him up cheaply from a frustrated owner years later if he starts off slowly. Ponder is good enough to focus on one player/one read and get him heavily involved. While the box will be stacked against Peterson and double teams are dispatched to Jennings the middle of the field will be crying for attention. Insert Cordarrelle. Upside is through the roof but he is Steven Hill type raw.

2          37        Bengals         Giovani Bernard       RB      North Carolina          ACC
We here at Fantasy Football 1 on 1 have a different view on the Bernard/Bengals marriage. Marvin Lewis runs the Traditional West Coast Offense which is very conservative. Questions we ask ourselves, What was Bernard drafted for? Is he and every down back? Will he ever take BJGE's job? Bernard is being drafted as a 3rd down back and not a bell cow. We and the coaching staff view him as a life long scatback and never a bell cow in any system. Lewis loves his plodders as the RB1 it's been documented and confirmed over the years. You've been warned!

1          8          Rams             Tavon Austin             WR     West Virginia            Big 12
You guys do realize that you are spending your 1.1 on me, lol. I am smaller than Jahvid Best and Austin Collie and my job each and every week will be to go across the middle and complete suicide missions for a living. Let that sink in for a minute. 

5          160     Rams              Zac Stacy                  RB      Vanderbilt                  SEC
HONK, HONK, HONK. WAKE UP! You are asleep at the wheel. (Missed Zac)
2          59        Patriots           Aaron Dobson        WR     Marshall                   C-USA
WOW you are still sleeping. (Missed Dobson).
4          131     49ers              Marcus Lattimore     RB      South Carolina         SEC
You have finally woke up from your deep deep sleep and it's the year 2014. Now ask yourself what injury are they talking about with Lattimore?

2          35        Eagles            Zach Ertz                  TE       Stanford                     Pac-12
Ha Ha Chip Kelly I killed your college team championship hopes. You saw up close and personal what I can do with my skill set. Now use me to my strengths.

3          74        Cowboys       Terrance Williams    WR     Baylor                          Big 12
YEZZZZ ZIIIIRRRRR!!!! One good three or four week hammy from Miles and it's a wrap.

2          61        Packers          Eddie Lacy              RB      Alabama                  SEC
OUCH my big toe has been acting up.Jonathan back me up bro.

4          125     Packers         Johnathan Franklin   RB      UCLA                         Pac-12
Yeah I know I switched your shoes and gave you a pair 2 sizes too small. Now get out of my way and let me PUT IN THIS WORK you back up.
1          16        Bills                E.J. Manuel               QB      Florida State             ACC
OK EJ grab your helmet your are up! Kolb just got a concussion.  OK I'm ready coach, NOW WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO IN THERE AGAIN.

I hope you understand and read between the lines what I am suggesting for your 2013 Rookie Drafts. Good Luck!

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