Wednesday, March 4, 2015




1.    Melvin Gordon | Running Back
Team:            Wisconsin Badgers
Ht / Wt:           6'1' / 213
Melvin played in an offense with a little shotgun and under center with a FB leading the way at times. This guy has it all speed, power, low, elusiveness, pass pro, start stop, quick feet but the only thing he lacked was breaking tackles. While he underachieved in this area he made up for it with his elusiveness and his incredible ability to understand his blocking angles. He knows how to read his blockers helmets and almost always makes the right decision which leads to long gains. This guy is a big play just waiting to happen. When I put eyes on a player I take the name off of the back and discredit any college accolades such as TD’s and total run yardage. You have to so the hype won’t distract your decision and you sound just like the folks you’ve heard in the media. I trust what I see enough to stand behind it and accept my accolades or take my lumps. A lot of folks demote him for not catching passes but we here at Fantasy Football 1 on 1 say if you can teach Eddie Lacy, Marshawn Lynch and even Andre Williams to catch then we see no problem with Gordon becoming a .ppr weapon as well. Best fit Minnesota (without AP) and NFL comparison - DeMarco Murray.

2.    T.J. Yeldon | Running Back
Team:      Alabama Crimson Tide
Ht / Wt:     6'2' / 221 Age 21 Oct 2
 Played in a NFL pro power running system with FB and pulling guards and QB under center. Quick feet and acceleration. Excellent balance and vision. Patience (but not stand still dancing) always moving forward. Has excellent hands. Looks comfortable banging between A - B gaps. Pass pro is decent enough to play at the NFL level but needs work. Would like to see more power and pad banging. Also would prefer a zone blocking system for his skills to surely flourish. Best fit Baltimore (without Justin) and NFL comparison - LeVeon Bell.

3.    Todd Gurley | Running Back
Team:      Georgia Bulldogs
Age / DOB:         (20) / 8/3/1994
Ht / Wt:     6'1' / 226

            While we were satisfied with the offense that Gurley played in which was a mixture of shotgun and under center with a FB engaged sometimes. He’s at #3 only due to injury. Truthfully we came away more impressed with the complete road grading job that the offensive line accomplished. They gave Gurley huge running lanes on many occasions. Gurley was getting 45 yard runs untouched. While it is up to Gurley to have the vision to see those holes and the natural football ability and speed to get through them you do have to wonder a bit. In the NFL holes like that don’t happen but maybe 4-5 times a season usually from a broken play or an inexperienced and undisciplined defensive gap presence. Gurley runs high but he does have the natural talent, vision, speed, and elusiveness to be a complete stud. He also is hard to tackle. You can’t tackle him with one arm which gets him through the first wave. Best fit Atlanta (learn 1 yr under Steven Jackson) and NFL comparison - Darren McFadden.

Tevin Coleman, Indiana –
This dude is faster than you think. A 3 down back and that’s what we are looking for in fantasy football. If he can get with an effective offensive line he could be a very big fantasy surprise.

Jay Ajayi, Boise State – 6’0’ 215 – 98% shotgun with very little under center. He’s very athletic and can run routes and catch the ball very well and immediately go with it. Not a banger or strong and likes to break the play outside a bit too much. Pass pro is horrible. He gets bulldozed and loses his balance. Excellent for the Colts

Duke Johnson, Miami (Fla.) We like how he runs but he is just too small to be a 3 down back in the NFL. He has excellent speed on film which is what a smaller guy must have to see the field at the next level. We are not targeting him unless you want a guy who will always fill in but never have his own backfield.

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