Tuesday, February 3, 2015


It’s strange when you see CJ Spiller returning kickoffs. You just have to shake your head and ask yourself, is this the most creative way to utilize CJ Spillers talents is to place him on kick return? Is this the best you can do? You see how some coaching staffs can take players and make gold while others don’t possess the creative skills to make that same player shine. Now you see why CJ is dying to be a Jet next season and be reunited with Chan Gailey. Just look at Tavon Austin and countless others. First round pick in the draft type talent sitting there decaying. If the Rams are smart enough they will insert someone like Mike Martz or another OC who can make Tavon pop. The skills, the speed, the talent is there. I just traded a third for Tavon in my dynasty league hoping and praying they let him lose in 2015. Only time will tell. Funny thing is that you will know his value immediately after the new OC in St. Louis is revealed. You should know that Jeff Fisher is old school and will refuse to use jet seeps, bubble screen, backfield motion to get Tavon in space so he can flourish. Fisher is a run and play stout defense and lets get out of here with a 17-14 win type of coach. He feeds off of big X type receivers like Quick and Britt. Now you can see why we preach offensive schemes and coach’s tendencies so much because no matter how much you want to disagree, they are in charge of your fantasy points. Coaches make or break your league championships more than you could ever imagine. 

Fantasy football is fluid it is forever moving and changing and playing with last year’s stats and data can only leave you in last year’s outcome. We are not afraid to keep our focus moving forward and in the future. This is why film study is so imperative and stats will ALWAYS be outdated. Just think about it. Let’s say Calvin Johnson just scored an 85 yard touchdown. If you don’t have those stats right then and right there you missed out and the play and stats are immediately in the past. You are now chasing after the past when you start him the following week if you are expecting the same outcome. You are now officially playing FANTASY FOOTBALL. You are chasing the fantasy that the last game gave you and you can’t comprehend that that particular play is over. It's gone. You start him the next week thinking he is about to dominate and he gets an ankle sprain and now you are livid. Look at Larry Donnell’s big game last season as well as Jonas Grey. If you did not play those guys at that moment in time you missed. It's just that simple. We sat here laughing at the media and pundits saying  "hurry go to the wire and get Donnell and Grey". We knew it was scheme based and told our subscribers that if you own those two players and missed the rainbow, SELL”EM. SELL”EM NOW. 

Only scheme, talent, coaches tendencies showed you a brief window of opportunity to catch lighting in a bottle and those are the managers that capitalized. You MUST learn and understand that fantasy football is living and breathing and being updated each and every Sunday right there on your fantasy score, right in front of your eyes. Once the game is over you need to reassess and reevaluate for next week. Once you grasp this concept I guarantee your fantasy play will skyrocket and keep you laughing instead of crying and chasing points in your fantasy leagues. Hear me now and thank me later.

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