Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekly Waivers


                I know with the latest injuries, some of us are trying to decide which Denver receiver will be getting more reps with Welker out (if he's out at all), or if Shaun Hill is worth a pickup in a pretty good offense. Others of us may have watched a game over the past weekend, and saw some young players having big games.  My advice to you is to take a deep breath and relax a moment; take time to think things over. 

                I am not a proponent of changing rosters this early after a draft based on a knee jerk reaction. As yet, we don’t know how much, if any time Welker will miss. You may drop a useful player now, for a guy that may not even be on the field much. Stop and look at your roster. Unless you enjoyed a few too many adult beverages, and see a name there that perplexes you, it may be best to stand pat. There had to be a reason you drafted the players you did. Think about those reasons, and if the guy you may pick up definitely has a chance to exceed the potential of the one you are dropping, go ahead.  Also keep in mind someone like Alshon Jeffrey. Many people drafted him late last year, and after the 4th week, when he had seen very little playing time, dropped him. When he exploded weeks later, and you saw him on another roster, your stomach had to be in knots. 

                I totally agree we should constantly monitor our rosters, adjust them when necessary, but always with a level head. Remember, as soon as you click on that link, the player you drafted for a reason is gone. Think it over,  then act intelligently. That said, if you truly think that the player you have your eye on improves your team, consider the reasons, and if you have say a WR4/5 that you think has very limited potential, make your move. Just remember why you drafted the guy you are dropping in the first place.

Some names to keep on waiver wire speed dial for the future:

Allen Hurns, WR Jags – Having a great pre-season, and the most consistent receiver on team so far

Daniel Herron, RB Colts – Has Richardson and Bradshaw in front of him-enough said

Cody Latimer or Andre Caldwell – Everyone assumes Latimer is the guy to take, just remember Manning’s connection with Caldwell last year. Do some research on Welker and the team’s usage, and make up your mind which one is the better choice.

Benny Cunningham, RB Rams – May end up as the backup, and get more carries than many think.

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