Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Seattle Seahawks vs N.O. Saints Playoff Breakdown

NFL Second Round Playoffs
Saturday, January 11, 4:35 PM on FOX
Century Link Field, Seattle, Washington

Who doesn’t love the NFL playoffs?  Who doesn’t love a shot at revenge and to prove everyone wrong? Seahawks will destroy the Saints like they did earlier this year right?  Maybe not.  The NFL is a great game with crazy outcomes every weekend.  The Saints are coming off their first ever playoff road victory and are looking to add another and advance to the NFC Championship game. The Seahawks are the overwhelming favorite not only in this weekend’s game, but to also represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.  

Keys to Saints Victory

  • ·         Start Fast – avoid three and outs to start the game - put points on the board.

  • ·         Slow down Seahawks pass rush with screen, slants, draws, flares, etc.

  • ·         Contain Wilson and Lynch – Don’t let Wilson outside the pocket to scramble.

  • ·         Brees has to avoid throwing interceptions and play like the Super Bowl MVP he is.

  • ·         Run the ball like they did against the Eagles with Ingram and Robinson.

  • ·         Must have good Oline play, pass blocking and run blocking.  Keep Brees off his back.

  • ·         Good play calling. Payton must have a great game plan with great play calls.

  • ·         Keep the Seattle defense guessing and on their toes.

  • ·         Defensive line must pressure Wilson like they did to Foles last week.

Key Matchup
·         Seahawks Secondary vs. Saints Receivers
o   Saints receivers must be able to create space and get open for Brees to find them.

Key Player

·         Mark Ingram

o   Can he duplicate last week’s performance with another huge game?

o   Must give him the ball and let him run. Should get 20+ carries this game.  Let him wear/beat down that great Seahawks defense.

Keys to Seahawks Victory

  • ·         Duplicate their last performance against the Saints.

  • ·         Make the Saints offense one dimensional- Shut down the run and make the Saints pass so the defensive line can pin their ears back and pressure Brees.

  • ·         Get Lynch going early and often.

  • ·         Shut down the Saints offense like in previous match up.

  • ·         Avoid turnovers/cause turnovers.

  • ·         Get the 12th Man involved – Make it hard for that Saints offense to hear each other.

Key Matchup
·         Seahawks defensive line vs. Saints offensive line
o   Can the Seahawks get pressure on Brees and force him to make bad decisions?
o   If the Seahawks are able to get pressure on Brees, the Saints could be in for a long night.

Key Player
·         Earl Thomas
o   Thomas had a good game the last time these two teams played.
o   Can Thomas and his fellow running mates in the Seattle secondary blanket the Saints receivers and confuse Brees?
o   If Thomas and that great Seattle secondary can stay with the Saints receivers it will give their DLine time to get to Brees and cause mistakes.
The Saints want revenge and to prove everyone wrong about their road woes.  If the Saints are able to run the ball like they did last week at Philadelphia, they have a good shot.  If Arizona can go into Seattle and throw 4 interceptions and still win, then the Saints should be able to pull out a win at Seattle as well.  I think they will be motivated to run the ball and wear down Seattle’s defense. New Orleans finds a way to win at Seattle.


Written by - ​Hunter Hulsey and Tucker Lundie

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