Monday, June 16, 2014


It is never too early to start preparing for your fantasy football drafts. Let’s take a look at the 2014 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS.

Kansas City Chiefs

Another key change that can have some very important fantasy implications is the crushing downgrades across the KC Chiefs offensive line. Although their high level defense will without a doubt be able to consistently keep them in games, KCs offense under Andy Reid is a prime regression candidate stemming from these changes up front. While the typical Andy Reid offense is a power run oriented offense out of the West Coast scheme he may find that difficult with the loss of three major pieces of last year’s productive offensive line. They lost RG, Jon Asamoah, who was a key in the power run game as a big, nasty, and agile power guard. In addition they lost Geoff Schwartz, a high quality LG to the NYG, and star LT Brandon Albert to Miami. They not only lost these valuable pieces of the line but the replacements that are penciled in to the week 1 lineup are all players who will presumably be taking on a bigger role than they can handle. It is likely that this will have the biggest effect on Reid’s prized RB, Jamal Charles.

While Reid’s power version of the modified West Coast offense is heavily focused on the run game, it is hard to see last year’s numbers repeated. A lot of this is due to the lack of reliability in the passing game, which will only be magnified by this offensive line. It will be difficult to hide Bowe’s inconsistency on the outside as well as the relative lack of other WR options, without the OL creating opportunities for Jamaal Charles to find daylight. While there is no doubting the elite skill and fantasy potential of Charles you can expect defenses to load the box and dare Alex Smith to beat them through the air. With Dwayne Bowe’s tendency to disappear for weeks at a time, no real threat at WR, a “game manager” at QB, and low upside TE’s there is little reason to think this passing game will be able to reduce the workload that will be placed on Charles. So while the amount of touches Charles gets could stay the status quo, it will likely be met by heavy 7-8 man fronts, behind a below average OL. With Jamal Charles being projected to go at, or at the least, near the top of most draft boards, the question must be asked if the price is right.

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