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From the desk of “THE FANTASY TYPHOON”

 I have been jotting down a couple of things that I have been noticing in one of my dynasty leagues. I thought I would take the time to try and help you during the off season.

EVALUATION - Each off season after free agency is over evaluate each and every player on your roster and make a plan for the upcoming year.  You need to have a plan for your roster so you can have some sense of direction. This will help keep you focused and disciplined from making a bad trade. Do a 3 year plan for each player and stick to it.

NEVER TRADE – Sift through your roster and mark down which players are your NEVER trade players for the upcoming year and who can be put on the block. Mark your core players and never trade them no matter what. Stick to your decision and don't waiver.

BUNDLE POSITION TRADES - I use this tactic when I want to upgrade a position. Example - I own Willis McGahee and Shonn Greene in one of my leagues. I will package them together in a trade proposal to upgrade at the RB position. This method gives me a better player and also makes extra roster space to make a waiver wire move or be able to hold a future rookie pick a little longer. Please be advised that this is only effective if you bundle a position and trade for that SAME position. Bundle RB+RB=Upgraded RB - not RB+RB=WR

NEVER TRADE PRODUCTION FOR HOPE – Try not to trade a player that is performing at an elite level just so you can secure a future over hyped player. Example - someone traded Arian Foster in the 2011 rookie draft for the 1.1 rookie pick. They guy ended up getting Mark Ingram with that 1.1. NEVER trade what you can see for what you can't see.

REBUILDING OR COMPETING – In dynasty you are doing only two things. You are either competing or rebuilding. It’s as simple as that. Which one are you? Here's the test. If you made the playoffs the year before then you are competing and are 1-2 trades away from being champ. If you did not make the playoffs then you are rebuilding and you are 3-6 trades away.

ALWAYS COUNTER - If you get a trade offer that you don't like ALWAYS counter. You counter because you are in negotiations with the other owner. You are setting the value. Remember that value is what the other person is willing to pay for it. Rankings don’t dictate value. You could easily have a homer that has a higher value because he likes that player more than most. Also a counter will see if they are serious about that player or not. If they reply back then you have a willing participant if they decline with no comment then they were not serious in the first place.

YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL GM - Run your team like the pros do. Mimic their trading styles. Wait 2 weeks after free agency has begun to make your blockbuster trade just like the pros (especially if you are rebuilding). The off season is the best time to try and put together a value deal. A lot of twitter speculation and smoke screens will be in play and if you know your sets and schemes you can use this to your advantage.

I hope these tips and tricks help you to dominate your dynasty leagues. It’s almost time for dynasty rookie drafts to kick off and I wish you the best of luck.

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